Marc Jacobs - Daisy Wild

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Daisy Wild by Marc Jacobs is a captivating fragrance that invites you to embrace the wild and reconnect with nature. Bold, Feminine, and Fearless Daisy Wild is the newest addition to the iconic Daisy Marc Jacobs collection. It embodies boldness, femininity, and fearlessness. Imagine embarking on an outdoor adventure, surrounded by wildflowers. This fragrance inspires us to embrace our young, free-spirited selves and immerse ourselves in the natural world.

The bottle design is a delightful blend of whimsy and elegance. A new flower graces the cap—a wild daisy that harmoniously blends with the iconic pink and green daisy flowers. Peek inside the bottle, and you’ll see delicate flower stems, a playful nod to nature’s allure. The juice itself is a refreshing light green, completing the color story of Daisy Wild.

Daisy Wild introduces a note never seen before in prestige perfumery: banana blossom. This exotic accord mingles with exquisite jasmine and nutty vetiver. The result is an addictive scent that captures the essence of nature. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Top Note: Banana blossom accord
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine and macadamia accord
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood and vetiver des sables

Daisy Wild is not just a fragrance; it’s an invitation to wander, explore, and celebrate life’s untamed moments.

Main accords: fruity, floral, green, white floral.